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Fallen Arches - More Than Foot Pain

The arch performs an important role in the correct functioning for the foot. In the first part of the stride the normal arch flattens out somewhat in order to absorb shock and adjust to uneven terrain. Further on in the step the mid-foot(arch) locks up once more to help the foot to push off the ground with a strong lever arm. In order for the arch to work appropriately each of the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles that reinforce the mid-foot need to operate in exact harmony. With time a few of these ligaments, tendons and muscles could get stretched and reduce their ability to support the mid-foot(arch). The end result may be a condition referred to as fallen arches. Fallen arches not only results in foot and leg pain but may possibly also put the individual at risk for developing osteo-arthritis of the hip, knee and low back.

The muscles of the lower calf have got to work much harder to compensate for the fallen arches. At the end of the day the over-worked muscles may become worn-out and achy. In addition the ligaments at the base of the foot can be stretched out, producing the painful ailment medically known as plantar fasciitis. Fallen arches also leads to misalignment of the ankle which in turn results in misalignment of the knee, hip and low back. These joints have got to compensate for the fallen arch and therefore become misaligned and unbalanced. When the hip and knee joints are not balanced, the body mass is not evenly distributed across the joint. This overloads the cartilage in the areas of the joint that receives the vast majority of the load. This consequently may cause the painful wear and tear of the joint called osteoarthritis.

With no treatment fallen arches may well put folks at risk for considerable long-term joint pain. Thankfully the treatment is relatively uncomplicated. A appropriately engineered custom arch support will hold up the arch, align the ankle joint and balance the load on the hip, knee and low back. The arch support needs to be rigid enough to support the body weight, yet flexible enough to give for shock absorption. Even though the treatment is uncomplicated and affordable many walk around everyday in agony possibly at risk for arthritis, unaware that the treatment to their problem is uncomplicated, affordable and will not have to have surgical treatment or medications.

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