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Why Typical Arch Supports Don't Always Relieve Foot Pain


Many people that suffer with foot pain purchased off-the-shelf arch supports (orthotics) only to find that they are still have foot pain. Why?

These off-the-shelf arch supports are also called accommodative orthotics or arch supports.  They may help cushion the foot to help relieve pain but they do not correct any biomechanical dysfunction that may be the root of the pain.

Any imbalance of the muscles, ligaments and tendons that interconnect the 26 bones of the foot can result in abnormal foot motion.  Abnormal foot motion, in turn, can cause excessive rotation of the lower leg and uneven stress distribution of the hip, knee and low back.

In order for an arch support to effectively treat this foot pain the orthotic must correct the biomechanical dysfunction of the foot and provide foot balance, not merely cushion the foot.  In order for a foot orthotic or arch support to correct the biomechanical dysfunction it must be constructed from a mold of the actual foot. These types of arch supports cannot be purchased off-the-shelf.


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